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Welcome to Hamilton / Broadway Signs

Traditional Signage Since 1924

Hamilton Broadway Signs is a workforce enterprise of Roots Community Health Center’s Emancipator Initiative. This program remedies the societal and structural disparities that deny our community the opportunity for stability and advancement.

The initiative is a beacon of hope for those disconnected from the workforce for an extended period of time, experience significant barriers to employment, and may lack basic job readiness skills. Upon completion of our training program, all participants are equipped with the skills necessary to matriculate and thrive in a factory setting.

Why Signs?

The sign industry facilitates a collaborative process, requiring a team with diverse skill sets to design, manufacture, or install our productions. With a consistent demand for signage, sign making provides a sustainable and stable career. Unfortunately, there are no formal training programs to attain employment in this field. This workforce enterprise aims to develop and refine the skills necessary to secure employment at any sign production company in the country – and ensure all our former Emancipators attain a livable wage.

100% of proceeds go towards enriching and scaling this training program.


A Workforce Enterprise of Roots Community Health Center

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